Vin shares increased sharply after Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong met the Indian billionaire

Profit-taking force appeared strongly at the end of the session, creating great pressure on the market. However, positive demand in the real estate stocks group, especially the support from Vin stocks and securities companies, has helped VN-Index maintain its green color.

Entering today's trading session (November 9), the market continued to show positivity when green dominated with nearly 400 codes. There was a time when the VN-Index touched 1,120 points after the first few minutes of shaking. However, the fact that some large stocks such as VJC, GAS and banking codes VCB, TCB, and ACB reversed and decreased, causing VN-Index to lose steam.

Liquidity during the session exploded, but the differentiation of the blue chip group caused the market to lack great motivation. Meanwhile, selling pressure increased in small and medium-sized groups as most of them failed to maintain their peak during the session.

In the afternoon session, investors took advantage of taking profits on T+, causing the number of falling codes to increase on the electronic board. VN-Index was quickly pushed back close to reference and closed with only a slight increase.

After information about the meeting between Vingroup Chairman Pham Nhat Vuong and Mr. Gautam Adani, India's second richest billionaire with current assets of more than 52 billion USD, today's session, Vingroup's "family" shares increased sharply. . Of which, VIC increased by 5.6%, VHM increased by 4.6%, VRE increased by 2.5%.

In addition, real estate stocks also had a flourishing trading session. PDR, DRH, IJC hit the ceiling. And NVL, HQC, NLG, IDJ, SCR increased at a high level. Among them, NVL is the highest matched stock with more than 56.4 million units.

Securities company stocks also increased sharply when BST increased by 5%, AGR increased by 3.5%, VND increased by 2.6%. In particular, VIX returned to its ceiling price and was the most traded stock on the market with more than 61.6 million matched units.

In addition to these two groups, a number of other individual stocks in the transportation, agriculture, services, and retail export industries have also attracted high-priced demand, such as VSC, BAF, which increased to the ceiling, and MHC, which increased by 5.5%. , SJF increased by 5%, FRT increased by 4.5.

Meanwhile, in the opposite direction, banking and aviation stocks dropped sharply, causing the VN30-Index to drop 7 points at the close. VJC closed down more than 4%, banking codes such as SSB, VCB, VPB, STB, ACB, SHB, TCB, TPB decreased 1-2%.

At the end of the trading session, VN-Index increased 0.46 points, to 1,113.89 points. Market breadth is still leaning in the green when HOSE has 342 increasing codes and 202 decreasing codes. Notably, the total trading volume increased sharply to more than 1 billion units, worth nearly 22,000 billion VND, an increase of 18% compared to with yesterday's session.

Foreign investors continued to net sell strongly with about 817 billion VND, focusing on the codes VHM, VCB, VNM, MWG.

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