'The Rookie' star Jenna Dewan tells us her 7 beauty must-haves

If you do the math, Jenna Dewan got her start on stage and for Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott, Kelly Clarkson and It's been over 20 years since she danced in videos for the likes of NSYNC, and 17 years since her breakout hit "Step Up."

All in all, she's a pro when it comes to taking care of herself, both inside and out. After suffering from melasma, a common condition that causes dull, uneven patches of skin on the face, the actress had to pay extra attention to her skincare and beauty routine.

“I had to find products that were incredibly effective on so many levels,” she explains. Dewan says she immediately noticed the impact the Neostrata Skin Renewal Cream, Wash and Serum had on her skin. "My skin started to glow and my skin tightened significantly," she said.

Now she's partnered with the brand to help others in similar situations. "Many people struggle with discoloration," she said, noting that pregnancy, hormones and stress are all risk factors. "You can do something."

She added that TLC’s priorities go way beyond the surface. "This is not just a current issue," she said. "It's also about what you eat, how you move your body and deal with stress. I like to eat healthy 80 percent of the time because it helps my energy and how I feel, which leads to outer beauty."

Ahead, Dewan shared her seven favorite beauty products with Derm Doctor.

1. Neostrata Enlighten 15% Vitamin C + PHA Serum: Dewan highlights this oil-free serum, which contains vitamin C, polyhydroxy acids, and green tea to brighten and even out skin tone.

"It will give you immediate results, and over time it will start to help fade hyperpigmentation," she says. She puts it on every morning before she puts on her makeup: "It looks really beautiful with makeup on and it looks beautiful on camera. You're going to glow."

2. Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm: She joked that even if she weren't friends with The Honest Company founder and actress Jessica Alba, she'd still keep the nourishing tinted lip balm in her purse and car. "It's a really good product and the whole line is great," she said.

3.Ouai Wave Spray: Dewan said she takes a "straightforward" approach to hair care during the day. (She decided to dress it up for the night.)

After washing, she said, she worked her hair through the rice protein-infused spray and let it air dry. "Your hair will have beautiful waves that will last a long time," she says. It also ensures shiny hair.

4. Philosophy Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo: Since Dewan washes her hair every few days, she regularly cleanses her scalp with a dry shampoo spray, which adds volume and texture to her hair.

She also raved about its musky scent: “People stop me all the time and ask me, ‘What does that smell like?’ I say it’s my dry shampoo!”

5. Kristen Ess Thickening Spray: Instead of traditional mousse, Dewan uses a sulfate-free, long-lasting spray to strengthen the roots. "It makes my hair voluminous and looks good before I go out," she says.

Blow-drying tip: Spray five to seven times on towel-dried hair, flipping strands as you blow-dry for extra hold.

6. Prima Beyond Body Oil: Dewan "swears" this lightweight body oil, which helps retain moisture, improves skin tone, and is rich in antioxidants. She placed the bottle in the shower so it was ready to use. "I'll dry it off and put it on quickly," she said. "I love how hydrating it is."

7. Lema Laser: Dewan received at-home laser treatments that helped improve wrinkles, skin elasticity, texture, skin tone and anti-aging. "It's a low light on your face," Dewan says, adding that she uses it about twice a week to relieve her discoloration.

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