Important financial events will take place during the week of November 13-17

Markets are anxiously waiting for central banks to lower interest rates, and central banks are also looking forward to that moment. However, upcoming data is the basis for them to make policy decisions.

China continues to 'fight' the real estate crisis. Meanwhile, Italy is in the sights of rating agencies.

Below are the most notable world financial events in the week of November 13-17:

1/ The Fed monitors inflation

A series of US Federal Reserve (Fed) policymakers, including Chairman Jerome Powell, said they were still unsure whether interest rates were high enough to end the war against inflation.

Traders are predicting the Fed will cut interest rates by about three-quarters of a point next year, and they are now turning their attention to US inflation data, due out on Tuesday (November 14). confirmation that their hopes were well-founded.

Results of a poll conducted by Reuters showed that the US consumer price index in October was estimated to increase by 0.1% compared to the previous month. US CPI rose 0.4% in September due to an unexpected increase in rental costs, but also showed that underlying inflationary pressures have eased slightly.

If actual inflation falls more sharply than expected, combined with a labor market report showing a decline in new jobs in October, it will increase confidence that inflation has 'peaked'.

Meanwhile, the possibility of a federal government shutdown is entirely possible if lawmakers in Washington cannot pass a temporary funding measure for operations before the November 17 deadline. The fact that the US Government has not yet reached a consensus on this issue may increase concerns about the world's largest economy.

2/ China is still struggling with the real estate sector

The question “Who will be the one holding the bag containing China's messy assets?” There may have been an answer in one way - much to the disappointment of Ping An insurance company shareholders.

On November 8, Reuters quoted close sources as saying that Chinese officials have asked insurance giant Ping An Insurance Group to buy a controlling stake in Country Garden - China's largest private real estate company that is flooded with debt. trouble.

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According to this source, the Chinese government has directed the Guangdong provincial government - where both companies are headquartered - to act as an intermediary to assist Ping An in rescuing Country Garden. Ping An was chosen because it is a major shareholder of Country Garden. Country Garden has a debt of 1,400 billion yuan (190 billion USD), as of the end of June.
They currently have about 3,000 projects under construction in China. Country Garden has fallen into difficulty in the past few months, constantly close to the risk of default.

Ping An shares later fell to their lowest in a year, despite the company's denials. Worries about this sector continue to weigh on the Chinese market.

The government's measures to strengthen the economy this year have continuously failed. Even so, that hasn't stopped China's central bank from declaring a 5% growth target achievable.

China's economic data is showing a mixed picture, with more evidence of slowing factories and sluggish consumption. Data released on Wednesday (November 15) on retail sales and industrial production in October will show whether the sluggish trend continues or has it ended?