Huge promotion when buying Yaris Cross in November

As soon as he read the information that the Yaris Cross received a 100% registration fee discount, Mr. Hoang Quan went to the dealership to deposit a deposit to buy the gasoline version.

Yaris Cross is a completely new B-SUV model introduced by Toyota Vietnam in mid-September, positioned lower than Corolla Cross and higher than Raize. With the Yaris Cross, customers have more options when they need a dynamic, compact urban SUV but still has enough space for the whole family to go on a weekend picnic.

Mr. Hoang Quan, in Thai Nguyen, is the owner of a fashion store and made a deposit and signed a contract as soon as he read the information that Yaris Cross offered a 100% registration fee discount. “When we went to the dealership to test drive, we both really liked it, but honestly at that time we were worried about the price.

Yesterday, the sales consultant called to say that in November there was a 100% registration fee discount, meaning a cash discount of about 70 million, so my husband and I signed the contract," Mr. Quan excitedly shared.

For customers who buy Yaris Cross in November, have paid 100% and issued a VAT invoice like Mr. Quan, Toyota and the dealer system will receive a 100% discount on registration fees and a body insurance package. Toyota 2 years Gold package. For Mr. Quan's family, choosing to buy the gasoline version, Mr. Quan saved 73 million VND in cash - this is not a small amount of money, especially for families buying a car for the first time.

Customers who buy the Hybrid version will save the most 86 million VND in cash. The level of registration support will vary depending on the customer's region and does not exceed the maximum level for each version.

As for customers who pay in installments, Toyota Finance Company also has a preferential interest rate support package from only 0%/year to help customers feel secure at a time when bank interest rates are still high. With consecutive promotional programs in November, this is a golden time for customers who want to own Toyota's B-class SUV.

Going back to Mr. Quan's story, because it was his first time buying a car, he considered it carefully before making the final choice with the Toyota Yaris Cross. Family with 2 babies, wants to buy a car to travel every day to pick up and drop their children, meet customers inside and outside the province, or on weekends, the whole family can go camping at Nui Coc Lake or explore other places. tourist destination.

Considering the factors of cost, operation, safety and brand, Mr. Quan actively searched for information about the Yaris Cross as soon as there was information that it would be officially distributed in Vietnam and registered for a test drive. at a dealership near home.

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Right before its official launch in Vietnam, the Yaris Cross proved to be a formidable rookie in the already vibrant B-size SUV segment. Launched later, this model is also favored by Toyota with "state-of-the-art weapons" such as a new chassis platform, TSS safety package and Hybrid technology along with a youthful, individual appearance and a series of "worthy" features. money".

Even though he had to wait quite a while for his turn to test drive, Mr. Quan was completely satisfied with the experience. First, it is a youthful car model with abundant equipment and safety technology in the segment. “Looking around in the price range, there is no car with as many safety equipment as this, the entire Toyota Safety Sense package with basic safety features such as reversing camera, corner sensor, blind spot warning, etc.

I drive it myself. But sometimes the wife will also drive, so with many safety features, women will feel more secure."

“Women are easy to love with their eyes and my wife also fell in love with the Yaris Cross at first sight. The car's shape is dynamic and strong but doesn't have too many cutouts, suitable for the couple's age range." Mr. Quan recounted the happy moment the couple had when they went to the dealership to test drive the car.

In recent years, Toyota has focused more on design along with comfort equipment and safety technology on recent car models and the Yaris Cross is no exception to that list. Toyota's B-class SUV has a trapezoidal grille and front bumper design, along with angular lines of the headlights and fog lights combined with wheels with 2 contrasting paint colors, 18 inches - the largest among vehicles. same segment viewed.

Along with that, the full-LED front and rear lighting system helps increase the lighting capabilities and overall aesthetics of the vehicle.

In the interior compartment, all details are designed towards the driver, making operating the vehicle easier and safer. Maximum amenities are also equipped such as 8-way electric driver's seat, gearshift paddles on the steering wheel (gasoline version), 10.1'' floating entertainment screen with smartphone connection and voice control, charging. wireless, electronic parking brake and automatic brake hold…

One of the things that Mr. Quan is assured of when choosing Yaris Cross is Toyota's dealer system and service process. “My family has a Fortuner from 2009 that is still running. When the appointment was scheduled, I went to the dealership for maintenance, but there was no major change. The process is clear, quick, and the agent is enthusiastic and supportive