European car series discounted up to 400 million VND

The German car model Volksawgen Touareg Luxury is having a strong discount of up to 400 million VND.

2023 is about to end, the auto market still does not have many bright spots, especially in the luxury car segment, so hundreds of millions of discount policies are still maintained continuously to avoid inventory. Many luxury car companies and imported cars have now extended their incentive programs to attract more people to come and watch.

Among them, many brands accept promoting incentives and adding gifts to boost sales and avoid inventory, especially imported cars from foreign markets. This is also considered a sprint period as well as a golden time when the year-end shopping season has begun. Among them, many Volkswagen car models have accepted "floor" price reductions to attract customers.

Previously in October 2023, the Volkswagen Touareg Luxury version was reduced by 350 million VND with gifts, but in November it was increased to 400 million VND including VIP privileges with separate policies for buyers. The Elegance version alone is only reduced by 300 million VND.

Accordingly, VIP privileges include services such as VIP car delivery packages, 36-month periodic maintenance services, priority to schedule maintenance appointments, hotline care, and priority to attend special events. This privilege package only applies to the Luxury and Elegance versions of the Volkswagen Touareg.

Volkswagen Touareg is equipped with a 2.0L TFSI engine, producing 251 horsepower and maximum torque of 370 Nm with an 8-speed automatic transmission, full-time 4-wheel drive. The car has 7 driving modes: Eco (economical), Comfort (comfortable), Normal (regular), Sport (sports), Offroad, Snow (snow), Custom (custom).

The selling price of the Volkswagen Touareg ranges from 2.99 - 3.99 billion VND, this price is not cheap but is considered a lower-end option in the luxury car segment with competitors such as the BMW X5 from 4,239 to 4,869 billion VND. VND, Mercedes GLE from 4,509 to 5,679 billion VND or Volvo XC90 from 3.89 to 4.59 billion VND.

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Not only Volkswagen Touareg but many other Volkswagen car models also have strong discounts ranging from 150 million VND to 250 million VND, along with insurance service packages, heat insulation film and paint with limits ranging from 30 to 50 million VND.