According to Experts: The 5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain Relief and Better Rest in 2023

If you value quality sleep, there's nothing worse than keeping you up all night or having constant pain the next day. Neck pain, especially, can be difficult to treat. In some cases, the best pillows can help relieve neck pain.

If you sit uncomfortably at a desk all day and hunched over a screen, it's understandable that your neck might hurt. Fortunately, a neck pillow can help you maintain proper posture while sleeping so the problem doesn't get worse throughout the night.

For pain you don’t have to worry about, a neck pillow is the perfect logical choice for upper body pain relief. Still, neck pain is sometimes a more serious problem that may require a trip to the doctor. “Any time the pain level is 5 out of 10 or above, you should see A physical therapist or doctor."

Also, if your pain is due to an injury, you should seek medical attention immediately. What should I look for in a pillow for neck pain? The most important thing when buying the best pillow is your overall comfort. Here are some other factors you can consider.

Strength:The firmness you should choose depends on your sleep type. Firm pillows often provide better support for side and stomach sleepers. William Hatten, a chiropractor and owner of Hatten Family Chiropractic in Washington, D.C., doesn't recommend particularly soft pillows, such as down.

"They don't offer any support," he said. attic. Fortunately, the loft of most of the pillows on this list is adjustable, but the loft may be the deciding factor in whether you experience neck pain. "You want your neck to be straight [while sleeping]," Hatten said.

If your neck is not aligned with your spine when you lie on your mattress and pillow, the height of the pillow is too high and you may experience neck pain.

If you sleep on your back, the thinner the pillow, the better, Hatten says. When you sleep on your back, your body is aligned with the mattress.

If you sleep on your side, you want the pillow to be wide enough to fill the gap between your shoulders and ears when you lie down. If you sleep on your stomach, a "medium-thick" pillow is ideal, Hatten suggests, adding that this size pillow will keep your neck straight.

Shape: Hatten says typically shaped memory foam pillows are the best choice for sleeping. However, if you're struggling with specific neck issues or want to target specific areas of your body or neck, specially shaped pillows are worth considering.

If this area is prone to pain, a neck pillow (with indentations that conform to your neck) is great for targeting this area. Other items that wrap directly around the neck, such as some options like the Calm Comfort option on this list, can help relieve pain that's already present.

Hatten also recommends body pillows for side and stomach sleepers so that the body doesn't "deform" while sleeping, causing neck pain. 5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain Relief

1. Purple Harmony Pillow: Hatten herself uses Purple Harmony. "[It's] the best pillow on the market," he said. It's available in three sizes, so you can choose the pillow that's best for you.

The pillow feels like a version of the mattress. It's stretchy and won't flatten. It's a bit pricey, but your neck will definitely appreciate the luxury.

2. Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow: Pillows like this contoured memory foam are a favorite among experts, including Dr. Victor Romano, author. And a bonus: Most contour pillows have special ergonomics that treat your neck like a queen.

This plush bed features a shallow center cavity that supports the cervical spine and gently hugs your neck, allowing you to sleep deeply and pain-free.

3.UTTU Sandwich Pillow: Neck contouring pillows like this one are loved by experts because "when you sleep on your back, your neck rests on the less high side, and when you sleep on your side, your neck rests on the higher side ," said Dr. Neel Anand is professor of orthopedics and director of spinal trauma at Cedars-Sinai Spine Center in Los Angeles.

4. Bluewave Bedding Ultra-Thin Gel Memory Foam Pillow: Consider your daily habits - especially texting. If you are a technology junkie, Dr. Anand, avoid pillows that cause your head to tilt forward when you lie on your back, or pillows that cause your head to tilt sharply to one side when you lie on your side.

This only exacerbates "tech neck," or the neck pain you might feel when you have your head down looking at your devices all day. repair? This stylish memory foam option keeps your neck and spine in good alignment.

5. Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow: If you change positions and sides while sleeping, you'll want to avoid using contour pillows, which can actually cause more neck pain because you won't stay in the position they are designed to support.

Instead, choose an adjustable pillow, like this one from Coop Home Goods. This allows you to adjust the amount of memory foam fragment fill to your liking.

Which pillow is best for neck pain relief? Experts say there are a few things you should keep in mind if you decide to buy a new pillow to relieve neck pain. It's about comfort. Simply put, you want to find a pillow that makes you feel comfortable, leads to better sleep, and helps you avoid neck pain altogether.

Finding the most comfortable pillow for your body can be a process of trial and error, says Dr. fisherman. So you may need to try a few to find the perfect fit. Look at the temperature control. Did you know that cooler environments are actually better for closing your eyes than hot ones?

For this reason, you should consider using a temperature-regulating pillow, says Dr. Hascalovici, which typically consists of a gel-like base, keeps you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

Materials are key. PhD. Hascalovici generally recommends two types of pillow materials: memory foam and down. Typically used for sitting and sleeping, memory foam pillows have a soft texture that provides support by filling in the gaps created by the body, thereby aligning the spine, explains Dr. Haskarovich. Down pillows, on the other hand, are made of feathers and provide varying levels of support depending on their fill. Can a taller pillow help relieve neck pain? Before deciding on the height of your pillow, you should consider your sleeping habits. When you sleep, your head, neck, and spine should eventually form a straight line. If you primarily sleep on your back, a thinner pillow may be best for keeping your neck and spine aligned, Hatten says. However, side and stomach sleepers may benefit from a higher height pillow, especially if you notice gaps between your neck, shoulders, and spine when you lie on the mattress.