15 US Insurance company will have to pay more than us$3.3 billion for forest fire damage

 According to the Association of Property Damage Insurers of America, this is the amount of property damage claims of US households and businesses that buy insurance from 15 US insurance companies.

Up to this point, insurance companies may have to pay property damage claims after serious wildfires that occurred last month in California, the western United States, up to more than 3 .3 billion USD, more than triple the estimate.

This number will continue to increase as many companies and individuals are still filing claims.

Specifically, more than 10,000 claims for housing damage, 3,200 claims for damage to personal vehicles, and about 700 claims for business property damage.

The rest is compensation for agricultural equipment, boats, means of transport ...

It is estimated that this latest wildfire disaster will "overtake" the 1991 Oakland Hills wildfire, which is considered the most damaging in California since then with $2.7 billion in damage. .

In addition to property damage, the recent wildfires in California have also claimed the lives of 43 people, burned down thousands of buildings and forced more than 100,000 people to flee their homes.

This wildfire disaster killed the most people in the history of wildfires in the state of California.

Before that, the history of wildfires in California recorded two wildfire disasters that caused the most serious consequences: the 1933 Griffith Park wildfire that killed at least 29 people, and the wildfire disaster in the area. Oakland Hills in 1991, claiming the lives of 25 people.

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, said the US federal government has decided to directly support the victims' families and supplement emergency relief funds in the localities most affected by the fire. forests like Sonoma and Napa.